This Winter we are shining a spotlight on our Nimmitabel Blue Stone range…

The Nimmitabel Blue Stone is a product that was only added to our range this year and includes the Nimmitabel Wall Rock, Nimmitabel Hydrasplit and Nimmitabel Stepping Stones. Each are naturally a beautiful blue-grey colour with a beige tinge to the sides. To view the product please visit our Mugga Lane depot. 



The first product in the Nimmitabel Blue Stone range is the Nimmitabel Wall Rock available for $275.00 per tonne. Perfect for creating a retaining wall to mark your property boundary, separate a multi-level garden, mark a garden edge, or simply create a feature wall the Nimmitabel Wall Rock finished look is both classic and formal. A sample rock wall and the Nimmitabel Wall Rock can both be viewed at our Mugga Lane depot.





Another option for the finish of your retaining wall is the Hydrasplit Nimmitabel Wall Rock. A hydrasplit rock wall is made from rocks that are split by a machine to create the straighter edges needed to lay the rocks closer together. The technique required to lay a rock wall this way is certainly an art and is best completed by a professional. The Nimmitabel Hydrasplit is available from our Mugga Lane depot at $440.00 per tonne. Although more expensive than the Wall Rock above, the straight edges of the hydrasplit stone means there is very minimal wastage. The end result gives a beautiful rustic and natural finish, exposing more of the blue-grey tones in the stone.





The final product in the Nimmitabel Blue Stone range, the Nimmitabel Stepping Stones are perfect for creating an informal pathway in your garden helping to add colour and texture. We have a large variety of sizes available, suitable for those looking for large feature stones to those looking for smaller discrete stones. The Nimmitabel Stepping Stones are available from our Mugga Lane depot for $341.00 per tonne.