Description: Very fine pieces. Recycled product made from shredded green waste. Product will be delivered via bulka bag with 1m3/bag. Bag will be unloaded from the truck via a forklift, please ensure placement area is wide enough to park a car. The forklift cannot place bag over retaining walls, hedges, fences, etc.

Please be mindful as this is a recycled product it may contain contamination. Forest Litter is an excellent product for those looking for a cheaper priced mulch and those that support the beneficial reuse of Canberra’s green waste within the Canberra community.

Uses: Decorative feature and moisture retention for garden beds, large landscaped areas and pots. Also useful as a soil conditioner to be mixed into existing soil.

Please note as all our products are naturally sourced they will by nature vary slightly in colour and size. We recommend visiting our site to inspect the product prior to placing an order.