Compost and Soils

Soils rich in quality compost always give the best result so whether you’re building up the garden beds for your next planting project, establishing a beautiful Australian native garden, or setting up the new veggie patch for the family, Corkhill Bros offers the right composts for the job.

Type C Soil Super Soil Vegi Mix Organic Compost
Super Compost Cow Manure Mushroom Compost Potting Mix

Type C Soil

suitable for making soil mounds and backfill. (Available Mugga only)

Super Soil

50% Top Soil
30% Cow Manure
20% Washed Sand
Super Soil is ideal for general landscaping and garden bed rejuvenation. Use our Organic Soil for constructing new garden beds or just topping up existing beds. Used for under turf, place 100mm layer over the area where new lawn is going to be laid. Could also be used as a top dressing. 

Vegi Mix

25% Super Soil
25% Composted Bark
20% Composted Organics
20% Washed Sand
10% Cow Manure
Used for construction of new garden beds or topping up existing. Place 100-200mm layer on existing beds or areas where new gardens are to be constructed. We recommend that you incorporate it into 50 - 75mm of existing soil. 

Organic Compost

Properties: A composted 10mm product Comprising of 100% recycled green waste and washed sand. Used as a soil conditioner used for plants which do not like manure additives, supplementary fertilising is required. Helps retain moisture and improve soil structure. Mix into existing site soil to rejuvenate depleted garden beds. (Available Mugga only)

Super Compost

Properties: A composted 10mm product comprising 100% recycled green waste, washed sand and cow manure. Used as a soil conditioner, helps retain moisture and improve soil structure. Mix into existing site soil to rejuvenate depleted garden beds. 

Cow Manure

An organic soil conditioner. Used to mix through existing soil for trees, shrubs, flower and vegetable garden beds.

Mushroom Compost

When added to site soil Mushroom Compost improves drainage in heavy soils, reduces moisture evaporation and will help to retain moisture in sandy soils. Must be mixed into existing soils for best results. 

Potting Mix

50% Composted Bark
30% Washed Sand
20% Hardwood Sawdust
Used for general potting. Suitable for large tubs and planter boxes. Supplementary fertilising is required.