When to plant

Bulbs like a cool setting. Planting bulbs too early when the soil is still warm may cause the roots to rot. For this reason the prime bulb planting season in Canberra is April. If you have already bought your bulbs and think the weather may still be too warm for planting, put your bulbs in the fridge! (Be sure not to place them in a plastic bag as this too can cause the roots to rot).

Finding the best spot to plant

Generally bulbs like full sun spots in the garden (this can vary with certain varieties so always check the instructions on your bulb packet) . One great advantage of bulbs is they grow very well in pots, perfect for the courtyard or balcony gardener!

Soil prep time!

Bulbs like really well draining soil, for this reason we recommend potting mix. Potting mix is made from very small pieces of bark so may not look like conventional ‘soil’ to a new gardener, but this is what makes it work! The gaps between the pieces of bark allow the water to drain through faster than it would other soils. We have potting mix available from our Mugga Lane and Mitchell depots by the 30L bag ($10 each) or by the trailer load for those planting a field of bulbs!

The perfect bulb…

Head down to your local nursery to find some bulbs! The rules for selecting the best bulbs are the bigger the better! You are looking for plump and firm bulbs, bulbs that are soft to touch are a sign of mold growing inside.

Planting time!

The best planting depth does vary between varieties but the general rule of thumb is to plant them twice as deep as the width of the bulb. Plant them with the pointy side facing the sky and the roots towards the soil. Water the bulbs well to help settle them in.