The great gardener’s ally, Mulch.

Why is it so important and when is it the best time to do it?

  • It helps to retain moisture. When mulching in the spring we add a layer of protection to the soil. The mulch will provide shade to the soil under it helping it stay moist for longer. By doing this, you will need to water less frequently, the soil will be cooler providing the perfect environment for the good bacteria and creepy crawlers to thrive and work on the nutrients in your soil.
  • As the mulch is an organic matter, this will decompose and release nutrients slowly into your soil, providing a booster for your plants to grow.
  • If the layer of mulch is abundant, it will help control the weed growth as it will block the sun light that the weeds need to grow.
  • In the winter months it will create a protective barrier against frost. As it decomposes, it releases heat that will help keep alive the micro-organisms and earthworms that will fill your soil with such desired nutrients and drainage.
  • It prevents erosion and leaching of the soil as it works as a natural blanket creating an insulation effect.
  • It looks great! Here at Corkhill Bros we have a wide variety of mulches available for pick up or delivery. If you are after a bright statement, we have the red and back chip dyed with a garden friendly vegetable dye (just be careful placing them against light coloured houses or similar as leakage of the dye may occur). If you are an environmentalist and are all for recycling and local sourcing, we have the Forrest litter which we produce at our green recycling plant in Mugga.

To view our full range of mulches click here or visit us in store at Mitchell or Mugga for a closer look.

Happy gardening!

The Corkhill Bros Team

This is a general guide only and is intended to provide general information. Readers are also encouraged to seek information about their specific needs before mulching.