Are you a beginner gardener? Or just looking for inspiration for your garden? Here at Corkhill Bros, we can give you advice on what products to use to create the garden of your dreams. As the longest running landscaping supplier in the Canberra region, we have lots of experience, and we love sharing it with our customers!

If you love to look out your windows at home and see a garden blooming with colour, you still have time to plant spring flowering bulbs!

First you need to prepare your soil:

For planting in both pots and your open garden, for the best results, we recommend using Corkhill Bros potting mix. Our potting mix has excellent drainage and does not compact in the pot which can lead to your bulb’s roots rotting.

Next, choose your bulbs:

Bulbs to plant in Canberra during autumn include

For more information on beginner bulb planting tips, see our Bulb Planting Guide.

To purchase potting mix  to get your bulb garden started click here!

Happy Gardening!

The Corkhill Bros Team