Hiring a skip bin can sometimes be confusing…. What size skip bin do I need? What can I put in the bin? How do I avoid hidden costs?

We hear you!

We have worked to put together this helpful guide to make ordering a skip bin in Canberra simple! If you have any extra questions or are still unsure, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

There are 3 main factors to consider when choosing the right bin for your project:


The first factor that will dictate what bin sizes are available to you is what waste type you are putting in the bin. Customers often ask why our full range of bin sizes aren’t available to them if they have heavy waste such as bricks, concrete or soil. The simple answer is bin truck cranes are weight limited!

For example, if you are planning on filling a bin with only bricks and are interested in a small skip bin from our 2.5m3 and 3.5m3 range, you will only be offered the 2.5m3 bin for hire. Due to the smaller volume capacity of the 2.5m3 bin, if you were to fill it to the waterline capacity with bricks our truck crane can still remove your bin. However, if you were to fill the 3.5m3 bin to the waterline capacity with bricks, this extra 1m3 would make the bin too heavy for the crane to lift.

In addition to ensuring you have chosen a bin size appropriate to your waste type please also note the weight capacity of the bin. The weight capacities of our skip bins are clearly marked in the description of each bin on our website and can also be found on our frequently asked questions page. Some forms of waste can be much heavier than customers anticipate (see the weight guide in our frequently asked questions page) and this is often where the ‘hidden fees’ come into play with skip bin operators! When comparing prices for skip bin hire it is essential to also compare the weight capacities of the bins.

For example, Supplier A may be offering a general waste 2.5m3 skip bin for 7 day hire for $250.00, and Supplier B is offering the same sized skip bin for the same hire period for $320.00. The important difference is Supplier A’s bin has a weight limit of 500kg, and Supplier B’s bin has a weight limit of 1000kg. If you chose to proceed with Supplier A’s skip bin and exceeded their weight limit, you will receive another bill after the removal of the bin for the extra tipping fees!


Secondly you need to make sure the bin can physically fit the waste you are putting in it. For some jobs this might be a simple, e.g. bricks, tiles and other small objects. For disposing of larger items such as doors, tree branches and other long or oddly shaped objects it is important to ensure the bin is wide and long enough to fit the waste. Additionally, skip bins must not be filled over the waterline capacity so please ensure you have allowed enough volume to fit all your waste. Our bin sizes can be found in our frequently asked questions page. 


Once you have selected the ideal bin size for your waste type, waste shape and waste quantity  you also need to make sure there is enough room on your site to fit the bin! Firstly, please check our frequently asked questions page for the dimensions of your chosen skip size. Additional things to consider when picking the best spot for your skip bin are:

  • Where is the waste coming from? If you are using the skip bin for demolition waste from inside the house you will want the bin to be as close to this project as possible.
  • Where can our truck easily access? The size of our truck will definitely dictate where the bin can be placed. Open spaced areas such as gravel parking areas are often suitable.
  • Don’t forget the surface the bin is being placed on! It is essential to consider the risks of unloading, the weight of the bin, the weight of the waste you are placing in the bin and the weight of the truck when choosing the best spot to place the bin. We strongly advise against placing the bin on new driveways due to the potential for them to crack under heavy weight. Additionally, 6m3, 9m3 and 13m3 are not craned into place but rather lowered and rolled off the truck. The roller at the bottom of the bin is made from metal and may scratch the ground surface.
  • Hazards on your site? Hazards on your site may also dictate where the bin can be placed. This includes any overhead services (powerlines, phonelines) or underground services (electrical pits).
  • Can we place bins at the rear of your property? If your property backs onto a nature reserve, park or green belt please remember that this is Government land and cannot be used for storing items such as skip bins without permission. Please contact Access Canberra to arrange a permit before booking in your skip bin.


We hope this guide has helped answer any questions you may have!

If you have any further questions about hiring a skip bin in Canberra or Queanbeyan please contact our team!

You are now ready to book in your skip bin!